Team Name Color
American/Beta Div
Americans White (Team USA)
Amherst Blue Dark Blue
Blue Light White (Alternate Dark Blue)
Blues Blue
Cutting Edge Black
Danes Red
Devlins Deuce Green
Dupont White
Fighting Trout Yellow
Fire Red
Five Holes Red/White stripes
Freed Maxick Blue (Alternate Black)
Fury Black with green
Hawks Black (with white/gold trim)
Ice Hounds Orange with Navy
Ice Mullets Green
Icy Red North White/Red (Red wings home jersey)
J&J Hawks Red
KSLN Green
Loose Moose Grey
Meat Sticks Blue
MMS White (Alternate Dark Blue (Black Vancouver))
Mustangs White
Nordiques Blue (Alternate White)
O Bar & Lounge Green
O’Bannon Green
P22 North Brown/Yellow
P22 South Brown/Yellow
Polar Bears White (Alternate Green)
Robo White (Alternate Light Blue)
Santora’s Maroon (Pheonix)
Search Sabres White
Westfields Green
Wildcats Alpine White (Alternate Royal Blue)
Witters Light Blue
Wolves White (Alternate Black)
Sportsman/Club Div
Amigone Light Blue
Barons White or Black
Black Knights Black (Alternate White)
Blades Green (Alter Black & Red)
Body Candy Green (Away White)
Brown Electric Black
Buffalo Storm Light Blue
Crashers Green or Gray
Cyclones White w/Orange (Alernate Black)
Dupont Light Blue
ECMC Green (Alternate White)
Fighting Hell Fish Blue
Frozen Monkeys Red (Alternate Yellow)
Geckos Green (Alternate White)
Great Lakes Green
Growlers Navy with Yellow
Ice Road Puckers Black (Alternate Gold)
Icy Red South White/Red Detroit (Alternate Black)
Jakes Red
Jesters Purple with yellow
Keg Kings Light Blue (Alternate White)
Panthers White
Puck Heads White (Alernate Royal Blue classic Sabres Blue)
Pylons Orange
Rink Rats Dark Blue
Sentinels White
Shennanigans Dark Blue
Shooting Blanks Dark Blue
Underdogs Maroon
Whalers Blue
Wildcats Baja White
Wild Wings Black