Buffalo Lacrosse Training Camp and Combine


July 10 – 14

NorthtownJuly 10 – 13 | 4 Day Lacrosse Camp Ages 7-18 | $450 per player | Limited Space Available
July 14 | 1 Day Lacrosse Combine | $100 per player (if not enrolled in camp)

Player will be divided into four age groups:

7 – 9     |     10 – 12     |     13 – 15     |     16 – 18

Each group is limited to 50 players so please register early to guarantee your spot!

Px Lacrosse (12)


To show youth players exactly what it takes on & off the field, to play lacrosse at an elite level. Our plan of showing our players the “lifestyle” of the top athletes in the sport will be the difference needed to continue development pass the norm, & into the elite ranks.

Camp Includes:

Px Lacrosse (13)• High-paced instruction on individual & team aspects by elite pro & college Player-Coaches.
• 1 – 2 Days of Box Lacrosse Instruction at Northtown Center
• Camp Apparel: 2 Dry Fit Shirts, 2 Shorts, Hat, Pinnie
• Individual Workout & Nutrition Plans from certified experts
• Introduction to Combine Training, Testing, & Evaluation.
• Exposure to College Coaches via video or in-person
• Emphasis on Stick Care with SULLYTENDER Stick Stringing Demos, to show proper care & direction on stick stringing for players of all levels.

Daily Schedule:

CAMP: Monday-Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm
COMBINE: Friday 9:00am-12:00pm
• 3 hours on-field instruction, games, demonstrations
• 1.5 hours weight room instruction with John Opfer + Proformance Sports Training
• Seminar Discussions with guest appearances (NCAA Prep, Indoor vs Outdoor Lax, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, ETC…)
• Healthy Lunch & snacks provided daily

Lacrosse_sc$350 Balance  – Coming Soon

Lacrosse_sc$450 Full Payment – Coming Soon

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Buffalo Camp Schedule bw

Px Lacrosse (6)Monday”s Instructional Focus:
• Group A & B: Individual Positional Work, Emphasis on Explosiveness in Gym, College Recruiting Informational Session (info will be send home).
Group C & D: Individual Positional Work & Introduction to Weightroom

Tuesday’s Instructional Focus:
Group A & B: Dodging; Offensive & Defensive Instruction, Shooting.  Small Games
Group C & D: Dodging & Defending.

Wednesday’s Instructional Focus:
Group A:  Shooting, Footwork, College Recruiting.  Speed Work.
Group B, C, & D:  Feeding, Shooting.  Footwork.  Speed Work

Thursday’s Instructional Focus:
Group A & B:  Positional Work & Game Play Situational Work.  Combine Testing Prep.
Group C & D:  Game Play Situational Work.  Small Games (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, ETC).  Combine Testing Prep.

Friday:  COMBINE